Activities > Product Engineering

C.A.A.R. S.p.A. through its R&D department is able to develop Body in White, Exterior and Interior trims. 

It is also able to give full support to the development of style, creating class A, B and C surfaces, providing them with technical and feasibility solutions of Style, reinforcing the product to be developed. 

C.A.A.R. S.p.A. manages autonomously all the development of the project from style to the introduction of modifications for the industrialization of the vehicle. 
For engineering activities it makes use of the most widespread 3D software including: CATIA, Creo, Unigrafics, Icem surf, Alias, Vis Mock Up 

C.A.A.R. S.p.A. is able to operate at its offices or at the customer's offices, in the Automotive, Motorcycle, Truck, Bus, Agricoltural & Special fields. 


C.A.A.R. SpA is able to develop concept and full design of electrical and pneumohydraulic systems, following all required steps:
  • Requirement analysis, schemes and wire diagrams definition
  • Harness & pipe sizing
  • Layout study, 3D modeling (routing check, length calculation)
  • Three-dimensional devices installation, fixing solutions
  • Bill of materials
  • Harness and pipe production drawings
  • Part libraries
  • Assistance to suppliers for prototyping, tests, and production phases


C.A.A.R. S.p.A. analyzes costs in the Chemical and Metal, Electrical and Electronic fields. 
In the area of product development, our company works in synergy with the customer, interfacing with him during the various project phases. 
It supports the customer during technical reviews with suppliers. 
It has a cost database if the customer does not decide to make his own available. 

C.A.A.R. S.p.A. operates in the Cost Reduction area on manufactured products. 
To support the activities above mentioned CAAR S.p.A. carries out Benchmarking activities. 

C.A.A.R. S.p.A. is able to operate at its offices or at the customer's offices, offering quality and professional service to complete the industrial production.