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Using highly skilled people, "supervisor Engineer", advanced projects are developed for the assembly of complete bodies, subgroups and closures performing the analysis activities in "simultaneous engineering“ for bodies in steel sheet metal, using the tailored-blank, or aluminum; applying the different welding systems: CO2 system, laser welding, clinching, riveting and gluing.
The activity is completed providing all the cycles, the line sides, the 3d layout, the supply volumes, the time and resource needs by verifying the MTM.


The high skills and the long experience of our resources, gained in the field, allow C.A.A.R. Group to provide:
product analysis service
study of the optimal cycle
analysis of the times
study of the line sides
drafting of 2d and 3d layouts
drafting of the specifications for the equipment
a follow-up with the suppliers
the online assistance for the start-up of the production systems


The C.A.A.R. services are developed throughout the activity chain starting from the analysis of the elements during the product development phase and prototyping through the simulations of the moulding using dedicated software, the optimization of the material, The study of the pre-method and the definitive method.
Specific resources work for the design of molds while other long-experience engineers can assist mold makers and users during the try-out and follow-up phase, during the manufacturer phase and during the production start-up phase.


A.A.R. Group is able to provide the following services:
drafting / checking of surface protection cycles
proposals / modifications of products and painting processes for qualitative improvements and cost reduction
drafting / updating of standards regarding products and painted components
drafting "operational sheets" of the painting process phases (pretreatment, cataphoresis, sealing, primer and top coat application, final inspection)
benchmarking of the surface protections applied on vehicles and components