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Since 2001 KGR ELETTRONICA provides qualified engineering services to support the design, the development, the integration and the validation of electronic control devices and systems.

The high professional skills and the proven expertise of our engineers are the factors that enable us to offer effective and efficient support to our Clients.

KGR ELETTRONICA is active in the following industry sectors, mainly but not only Automotive based:
  • Passenger Cars
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Motorbikes
  • Heavy and Off-road Vehicles
  • Agricultural Machines
  • Construction Machines
  • Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
Core competencies concern:
  • Electronic Systems Integration
  • In-Vehicle Networking
  • On-board electrical/electronic multiplexed architectures
  • Embedded Software for Electronic Control Units
  • Testing and Validation at module, subsystem and system levels
  • On-bench Simulation Testing and Validation
  • Electronic Systems Start-up and Diagnosis on running vehicle prototypes
KGR ELETTRONICA offers specialized consulting services that benefit from more than 15 years of specific experiences.

This expertise, combined with best-in-class methodologies, techniques and know-how achieved in the different sectors, enable us to provide successful and efficient solutions to our Customers’ needs.

According to each particular Client’s request, KGR ELETTRONICA is able to supply different types of engineering services:
  • “Turn-key” Project, entirely developed in-house at our site
  • Consultancy on specific engineering aspects, provided by our experts that join the project team at our Customer’s site
  • A combination of the above modalities.
Main Engineering Services provided by KGR ELETTRONICA include:
  • Vehicle electrical/electronic architecture definition
  • Distributed Vehicle Function design, development and change management
  • Embedded software design and development
  • Design and development of middleware to interface different software environments and tools
  • Functional Validation of single electronic control units and of complex systems
  • Test cases creation to verify the compliance with project requirements, reference norms, applicable standards
  • Electrical/Electronic test bench implementation with real and simulated devices
  • Design and development of customized test systems for electronic prototypes verification
  • On-road dynamic testing drives with direct behaviour verification and logged data post-analysis.
Some of the most significant projects developed by KGR ELETTRONICA:
  • Instrument Panel Clusters and Displays Validation
  • Telematics and Infotainment platforms Validation
  • Body Computer software design and development
  • Electric Seats bench testing
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